Something for my coffee table

This design I created for my Ikea coffee table: »

3d effort

I just published a fix for my shower cabin to be printed on a 3d printer. »

Tinkering with Windows Azure Service Bus and The Internet of Things

I recently read an article in MSDN Magazine about The Azure Servicebus and the Internet of Things. Basically it's about turning a LED on and off. »

Integrating backoffice applications with Umbraco using a service bus

As a follow-up on my article at 24 days in umbraco I will host a session at the Umbraco BE Festival 2014. I will speak about »

Publication on 24 days in Umbraco

Jippee, last weekend I finished my first technology post for the Umbraco community at the 24 Days In Umbraco Christmas Calendar. It's about NServiceBus, a technology »

Trophee for a yoga champion

Is it about yoga or about nerdstuff? Both! :-) This trophee I created for a fellow yogi, who gave a worldclass performance on the International Yoga »